In October this year, our international project manager Nana Shaibazovi had the opportunity to be a part of the Partnership Building Activity organized by one of our new French partners Tambour Battant. The organization is actively working on youth projects, exchange programs, ESC program and partnership building activities. During the week of working, the participants of the project exchanged lots of necessary information and could work on potential partnership in ongoing projects. „During the meeting, we had the opportunity to propose our ideas for future projects and to find the partners with the similar interests and continue working on implementation process of the new projects“, says Nana Shaibazovi.

In this exchange meeting, except of Verbund Sozialer Dienste gGmbH , participated also the organizations from Portugal, Italy, France, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Poland and Serbia. The most interesting part of the work were the presentations about the main fields of work, so each organization could share the implemented projects and the project ideas that may be implemented in the future with the new partners. The diversity of the projects is another benefit for Verbund Sozialer Dienste gGmbH to find more interesting partners and continue cooperation with other organizations working in the field of social work and early child or primary education.

Another interesting part of this meeting were very useful discussions about the importance of European Solidarity Corps and Eramus+ exchanges, where Verbund Sozialed Dienste gGmbH is actively involved since 2017. Nana Shaibazovi: „This meeting was another good opportunity for us to continue working with our ongoing projects and become the partners of more organizations worldwide. One of the activities during our meetings was the visit of the European Parliament where we had the oportunity to attend the chamber and one of the sessions. We also had a chance to hear some interesting facts about the specific fields of work and the policy of the European Parliament regarding the active youth involvement and education, also employment rates and economical backgrounds during the presentation of one of the representatives of the European Parliament.“

Verbund Sozialer Dienste gGmbH actively continues to expand the partnerships and agreements with the organizations and the universities all over the world , as we are oriented on our quality of work and inclusion. The partnerships with new countries and organizations gives us the opportunity to work on our projects in a better way and make our work more diverse. We are looking forward to make new steps with new partners.