Verbund Sozialer Dienste gGmbH is actively working in the international field. Since last year, we were able to visit the universities abroad and start cooperating with them. During the visits, we were able to meet the students and discuss the possibilities and the programs at our orgnization. Verbund Sozialer Dienste gGmbH in cooperation with the Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband Niedersachsen e.V. is continuing the internationalization process and currently the organizations with the different locations all over the Lower-Saxony region receive the applications from different universities.

At our company students are able to get the practical experience during their stay in Germany. The internship program is a very good chance for the students who want to use their theoretical knowledge in practice. Most of the students go back to their countries after finishing the project successfully and decide to arrive back after finishing their studies and start working here or looking for the different opportunities in the field of social work and early childhood education. The students are able to complete their internships under the guidance of an experienced social worker where they can find many answers about social work, psychology, pedagogy and different topics they are interested in. The most attractive part of the work is that the students are able to observe the topics related to the social work at the individual and group level. While working with the group of children or youth, the participants are able to deepen their knowledge about the individual cases that gives them more clarified imagination of their future work. The knowledge and experience students and graduates are getting from our organizations and programs is very useful also for their bachelor’s theses, research and dissertations.

While working with the universities, Verbund Sozialer Dienste gGmbH is also active with the Alumni departments, where we give the chance to the graduates to start their careers with our programs. After finishing the Erasmus+ European Solidarity Corps program the participants are able to find quickly a permanent job and get more necessary skills for their professional developement. Participation in our Voluntary Service programs also give the students chance to stay in Germany up to 12 months and get lot of practical experience, to learn a new language for free and find many international friends, to learn more about German culture and just enjoy the beautiful nature.